Matt McClanahan, SPT

Hi, my name is Matt McClanahan and welcome to Missing Variable.

I started the Missing Variable to start a discussion among PT’s and other professionals who work with fitness for sport athletes. While in PT school, I noticed there was no thought given to reps, loads, or even exercises patients performed. Everyone in PT knows the running joke of “do 3 sets of 10”. I think we as a profession need to give more thought when prescribing exercises, instead of giving out generic set and rep schemes. When these athletes could move several hundred pounds in a single movement, we’re doing them a disservice by aimlessly prescribing 3×10 with a light band. The goal of the Missing Variable is to be a resource for all things performance and rehab for the outpatient orthopedic setting and to open the conversation up regarding exercise prescription in the PT profession. 

About me:

I graduated from Southeast Missouri State University with my B.S. in Exercise Science and I am now a Doctor of Physical Therapy student at Missouri State University. My passion is fitness and nutrition and implementing them into physical therapy.

I hope you enjoy the content. 

– Matt