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Alex Kovaleski is a powerlifting coach, powerlifting competitor, Physical Therapist Assistant, and student in Ohio. He has experienced powerlifting as a coach for three years, a competitor for over ten years, and participated in the Arnold Sports Festival – as well as other national level competitions – in both roles. Alex believes that a tuned-in coach, open communication, and client education are the most powerful tools for developing a lifter. Upon completion of his undergraduate coursework, Alex wishes to attend medical school with the end goal of helping more individuals adopt barbell training. If Alex is not studying or coaching, he can be found training in his basement or in pursuit of the best chocolate chip cookie that his surrounding area has to offer.


Education & Credentials

  • Franklin University – Bachelor of Science in Allied Healthcare Management (Expected December 2018)
  • Clark State Community College – Associate of Applied Science in Physical Therapist Assistant Technology (2015)
  • USA Powerlifting – Club Coach (2015 – Present)

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