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Logan Deroin SPT, CSCS is currently a 3rd year PT student at Touro University Nevada just outside Las Vegas and set to graduate in June 2019 after 2 more clincals (one acute care one outpatient/sports) with plans to take boards in April.

Logan has always loved playing sports. He was never the most talented so when he discovered lifting in high school he had found his way to separate himself from his peers.  He was big into power lifting and anything to improve performance, not so much physique. He played football and basketball in high school and was lucky enough to get a partial scholarship to play football at Eastern Oregon University, a small NAIA school.  He was a student-athlete at Eastern Oregon University for 4 years where he studied Exercise Science and played football.  

Going into undergrad he knew he wanted to do something medical, he just didn’t know what.  While playing football in college he sustained a few injuries (ankles and shoulder).  he worked closely with the ATC and saw a PT in town.  This made him realize that PT may be best profession to combine his passion for exercise with the ability to help people. He came to PT only to find out this isn’t always the case and there is a serious Ther Ex component missing.  To fill this gap, he pursed and sat for the CSCS in April 2018.

After graduation its Logan’s goal to work with athletes and active people and play a role in their return to doing what they love. He is currently in the process of applying to a sports residency for after graduation.  To work towards this goal, he has been trying to take in and apply as much information (outside of school) as he can through reading research articles (aiming for at least 1 to 2 per week) and books (such as Conscious Coaching, Atomic Habits, and The Charism Myth) and reaching out to professionals that he can aspire to be on social media.

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Time Stamps

2:00 Why he chose Touro U
2:54 How up to date his program/curriculum is
3:40 Where he gets his knowledge on S&C from
5:55 How to get hands on experience to apply the CSCS
6:22 Balancing school and developing hands on experience
7:08 Utilizing S&C principles in the clinic
9:09 Pt. perspective regarding S&C in a rehab setting
10:55 Biomedical vs. Biopsychosocial
17:02 Developing skills in a PT mill
21:02 What is the Level Up Initiative
23:47 Having a growth mindset but staying skeptical
27:11 Logan’s instagram

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