Show Notes

     Max Lepage is a competitive natural bodybuilder and powerlifter originally from Quebec, Canada. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science at College of Charleston and is currently completing a Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In combination with his experience in academics and athletics, Max uses his personal history of injuries in an attempt to educate others on how to more effectively prevent and rehabilitate injuries and improve the overall training process.

     Max and I discuss his current injuries and how his previous experiences have strengthened his current outlook regarding rehabilitation and returning to the platform. We also discuss why/how he used BFR prior to his most recent surgery. Last, we talk about his future goals and what those look like. 

It was a pleasure having Max on the show, and hopefully we can chat again soon. 

Link to the BFR cuff discussed in the show (no affiliation)

Follow Max on his Instagram where he posts solid content, regularly.  

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